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G-DRIVE mini Hit by a Bus and Lives!

The “little drive that could” continues to perform after harrowing accident

G-DRIVE mini - Mangled Box

So there I was, packed up tight and enjoying my trip from Miami to Colorado, when out of nowhere – BAM! – I fall out of the delivery truck and get run over by a passing bus! It happened in an instant. And man, it hurt!

Honestly, I thought I was done for. But when Mammoth HD, a unique online stock HD video company, unpacked my shredded package and plugged me in to load me up with gigs of RED ONE footage, my vital signs were good– I showed up on the desktop, and I could still feel my hard drive! I was severely mangled, but thanks to my rugged design and all-aluminum enclosure, I survived and still continue to function normally.

The Product

The G-Technology G-DRIVE mini


  • Rugged and durable. The G-DRIVE mini survived the weight of a bus. Need we say more?
  • Large capacity, small space. Now up to 500GB and perfect for traveling A/V pros and content creators, the G-DRIVE mini holds about 5hrs of 4K Red One footage in a compact space.
  • Triple interface for speed and versatility. With FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0, the G-DRIVE mini delivers the performance needed for storing high-bandwidth applications like Mammoth HD’s SD to 4.5K video files.

G-DRIVE mini - Squashed DriveBackground

Based in Colorado, Mammoth HD (www.mammothhd.com) offers a unique collection of more than 3,000 HD stock footage videos, 3-D animations and motion graphics in 1080, 720, HD, and RED 4K, 3K and 2K. Representing top talent, including award-winning cinematographers, videographers and photographers from around the world, Mammoth HD’s breathtaking footage spans lifestyle, scenic, location, sports, animal, nature, recreation and other subjects. Clients like Disney, National Geographic/Discovery, Sony and the Social Security Administration have all tapped into the works of Mammoth HD.

“Whether it’s online marketing, point-of-sale locations, museums, malls, signs or displays, video is becoming the medium of choice,” said Clark Dunbar, founder of Mammoth HD. “For a company like mine, that means housing terabytes of data in-house and using reliable, high-performance storage devices for editing, formatting and transporting content through the workflow process and ultimately to the client. We have to know that the equipment we invest in will work, and we rely on G-Technology.”

G-DRIVE mini is Small but Tough

The story of the G-DRIVE mini that survived a troubling turn of events is true!

G-DRIVE mini - Crushed, abused, dropped and driven over.It all started when a high-profile client sent the
G-DRIVE mini to Mammoth HD where the company would load it with beautiful aerial HD footage from a RED ONE demo reel and send it back to Miami to play at a Final Cut Pro User Group meeting. Requiring 40 GB of space, the 4K HD RED One demo reel could be loaded onto the G-DRIVE in about 10 minutes using the drive’s FireWire 800 interface. Piece of cake, right?

But upon arrival at Mammoth HD’s Colorado office, the package was torn and damaged. When Dunbar pulled out the drive, he discovered that it was crushed. What once looked sleek and stylish to match the clean lines of Apple Mac computers was now bent and mangled.

“I thought, there’s no way that this drive will work. But to my surprise, the drive name appeared and I could read and write files to it. Very impressive,” said Dunbar.

Because it wasn’t looking its best for the user group event, Dunbar held on to the trampled
G-DRIVE mini and sent the client the HD footage on one of his own G-DRIVEs, which arrived in Miami without a scratch.

“Although I’ve used G-Technology drives for years, seeing the G-DRIVE mini stand up to the fate of a bus reaffirms that their solutions are some of the most reliable on the market,” Dunbar added.

G-DRIVE mini - Hurt, but I still work!Mammoth HD’s client had chosen to transport the files on a G-Technology G-DRIVE mini because HD video takes up massive storage capacity and requires fast streaming performance. Plus, its small size makes it easy to ship.

The G-DRIVE mini is ideal for storing content shot in the field or for transporting content through workflow. Its compact size – weighing in at less than 9 oz – and its solid aluminum enclosure make the drive ultra-portable and durable. In capacities up to 500GB, the G-DRIVE mini also offers a triple interface – FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 – to ensure versatility and top performance for high-bandwidth files. The drive is FireWire bus-powered so there’s no need to carry an extra power supply.

In the end, Mammoth HD’s drive was returned and the damaged drive went back to the client. Even though its sleek lines are long gone, it sits proudly on the client’s desk and is used frequently.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

Oh, and just for the record, we do not recommend that you throw your G-Technology drives under a bus!

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